What exactly is a septic tank and what does it do? But more importantly what are the steps needed to take in order to avoid septic tank repair? A septic tank is a sewage-treatment system that is not connected to a main sewer line.

For many rural communities, septic tanks are vital to keeping homes safe and secure. When dealing with your septic tank, we know the last thing you want to do is have to repair it. There are simple steps you can take to avoid septic tank repair.  H&S Services offer the services to maintain your septic tank to ensure its longevity and keep your septic system running the way it was meant to. 

spetic repairSo, what does one have to do in order to avoid repairing a septic tank?  A simple, easy way to avoid all that mess and hassle is to clean your septic tank regularly! Every 2-3 years, your septic tank should be pumped.  This reduces the potential for problems and avoids septic tank repair. A lot of the time, failure to pump your septic tank is one of the main causes for septic tank problems.

Another way to avoid septic tank repair is to steer away from putting certain items in your septic tank such as cooking fats, sanitary items, paints and chemicals, cotton swabs, and plastics. Items such as these will slowly degrade your tank and system over time. When you avoid putting these things in your septic tank, your septic tank will last longer and need less maintenance, overall saving you money on repairs. Septic tank cleaning and maintenance is offered by H&S Septic Services to help with your everyday septic needs.

If your septic system is in need of a repair, H&S Septic Services also offers the services that are needed to install and repair septic systems, septic tanks, leach fields and distribution boxes that meet all the NYS Health and Safety requirements. Some ways to recognize if you are having problems with your septic tank are persistent odors and wet spots in your yard, your plumbing becomes slower over a period of time, and persistent problems after your tank has been pumped recently.

H&S Septic Services can pinpoint septic tank problems by visually inspecting your system using a special camera to diagnose the issues quickly to offer you the best septic services possible.  H&S Septic Services will also repair systems installed by other companies to save you money and time.