We understand that most homeowners don't look forward to the day when they need to have a new septic system installed or have a major repair completed. After all, there's no shortage of horror stories out there about installs gone bad, huge messes, exorbitant bills and worse. What many people don't take into consideration is that, in many of these instances, the work was not being performed by professionals who genuinely care for their customers' well-being.

To ensure that your new septic system is installed correctly, it's important to make sure that you have hired the right company for the task. In this article we'll look at some of the questions to ask before you commit to a septic system installation service.

How Long Have You Been Installing Septic Systems?

Professional Septic Installation Company Servicing Rochester NYExperience is paramount when having a new septic system installed, especially if the installer is familiar with your home's age, style and geographic location. Over time, an experienced installer will be keen to identifying things that often go overlooked by new or inexperienced technicians. This can mean the difference between a system which provides years of reliable service, and one that fails after a few months.

Have You Installed Systems on Properties Like Mine?

Look for companies with a proven track record of work in your area, and get references from others who've used their service. Homes in the Rochester NY area have a distinct style, and you'll want someone who has installed septic systems in a wide range of properties similar to your own.

What Credentials do Your Technicians Have?

At a minimum, the company you hire should be fully-licensed to install new residential septic systems, and carry enough insurance to cover any damages to your home or property. They should also be certified by the board of health, as this demonstrates their ability and willingness to perform quality work under proper guidelines and state regulations.

Do You Back Your Estimates in Writing?

There's nothing worse than being told one amount, and then being asked to pay another. This is why it's so important to get estimates in writing, and to be sure that the installer you've hired is willing to honor that quote. An experienced and reputable septic installer will be able to make an honest assessment of your home's true needs, and will have the integrity and skill set to complete the job based on that budget.

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