One of the most dreaded things any homeowner or business owner will ever hear, is that their only safe, viable option is a complete septic system replacement. The sad irony in this, is that a high percentage of use- and age-related system replacements can be avoided, or at the very least prevented for many years, simply by following a few easy guidelines.

Let's take a look at some of the most practical ways to keep your home or business septic system functioning properly all year long, while preventing the need for a more expensive line or pump replacements.

Understanding Common Septic System Failures

New Septic System Installation in Rochester NYWhen we're talking about a true septic system failure, we're not just talking about backups in your home, back yard or property. In fact, there are several categories of failures. The two most prevalent are early-stage performance failures and catastrophic backups. When a system can no longer effectively prevent waste and potentially-contaminated materials from finding their way into adjacent lakes, streams, reserves and watersheds, it is considered an early-stage failure.

A catastrophic septic failure occurs when the line or pump becomes clogged, damaged or overburdened, and are far more costly and time-intensive to recover from. We would like to say that these are rare, but the truth is, far too many people have not been properly informed on how to prevent septic problems, as well as the do's and don'ts of waste disposal.

What Causes a Septic System to Fail?

The most common causes of a full septic system crash, is infrequent or ignored routine maintenance, improper disposal of waste items, natural geographic changes (roots, soil, etc.), improper placement or technique by the original installer, natural disasters, and of course structural damage from age and normal wear & tear.

And while there's nothing that any of us can really do to change the weather or geography, there are measures which can be taken to ensure that your system enjoys its maximum life of 25-30 years.

The Immeasurable Importance of Routine Septic Maintenance

Having been inspecting, maintaining, repairing and replacing septic systems for just under 30 years now, we at H&S can say without hesitation that annual septic system maintenance inspections are the best way to prevent many of toady's' common septic problems. In comparison to what a skilled, professional septic service company might charge for an annual inspection, routine maintenance can save homeowners as much as tens of thousands of dollars down the road, simply by being consistent with it each year.

Many of the most frequent catastrophic septic failures don’t start off as major problems, but rather, routine wear and tear. A yearly septic inspection can identify these problems early, replace them prior to failure, to keep your system working efficiently for many more years.

Affordable Rochester NY Septic System Maintenance

At H&S Septic Services, we're honored and proud to have been keeping Rochester septic systems running strong for three decades now. If you'd like to know more about the benefits of having annual maintenance or inspections, please call us at 585-732-0600. We service the greater WNY area, including all of Wayne, Monroe & Ontario counties.