All septic systems require pumping to insure the longevity of the system for years to come. We hear from many people who believe that this is not true. It is important to routinely pump your septic tank in order to avoid costly future damage to your system. H&S Septic Services will remove all of the debris in the tank when pumping it, allowing for the proper break down of future solids.

septic riserPumping your tank within the recommended 2-3 year time frame will help remove cooking grease, fats and paper products that have formed a crust on the surface. Many people have guests at their home that do not have septic systems and they put things down the toilet and drains such as tampons, baby wipes and paper towels. These items can create major problems in your septic tank if it is not removed. The crust that forms on the top layer of the septic tank could potentially cause damage to the leach field by congesting the pores if not removed.

Emptying the septic tank allows the leach field to properly de-water, giving the leach field time to dry out in areas of high saturation such as when there has been an lot of precipitation. This also will allow a certain amount of days until the tank refills, allowing the leach field and distribution box to lower the current water levels, helping to reduce over saturation points in the leach field.

For the small cost of pumping your septic tank every few years, you can avoid spending thousands on a necessary repair that could have been prevented. H&S Septic Services can put you on a maintenance plan so you do not have to worry about forgetting to call us. Please inquire about this service when contacting us.

We are available for emergency calls 24/7. If you are experiencing a problem with your septic system, do not wait to call. We may be able to help diagnose the problem over the phone or you many need to have one of our technicians come out. It could be a simple fix by having your tank pumped. Waiting until there is a major problem can cause even more issues with the whole septic system.