When the time comes to sell or buy a home, septic system inspections remain one of the most frequently overlooked aspects.  And regardless of which side of the coin you're on, this can end up being very costly in the immediate and long run.

For those homeowners and sellers who do take the time to call a septic inspection service, many have learned that it's not simply enough to call the first company you come across.

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Choosing a Qualified Septic System Inspector

The reality is that anyone with a decent knowledge of septic or plumbing systems can come out, peek around, and tell you that everything looks okay.  And while this is bad, it's not nearly as dangerous as the company who shows up and recommends thousands of dollars of unnecessary work.

In order to avoid spending huge sums of money on work that does not need to be performed, or having your buyer call you six months down the road with complaints that you knowingly sold the house with a faulty system, you need to make sure that the company you hire has integrity, industry experience and the willingness to provide references for their work and work ethics.

Look for Proven Septic Inspection Experience

Professional Septic Inspection Company WNYUnlike freelance or weekend inspection services, a company who specializes full-time in residential septic systems will have the experience needed to identify real problems.  Moreover they will be able to tell you when your system is functioning properly, which can be invaluable when buying a new home or selling your existing property.  They should be willing to speak freely about the history of their company, welcoming any questions you may have.

Proper Licenses and Credentials

Be sure to ask the septic company you're considering which licenses they hold.  Find out if they're insured and whether or not they're certified with the national board of health.  This can give you the peace of mind that they take their business seriously.

Local References and Online Reviews

References are huge when it comes to finding out if the septic inspection service you've called is on the up-and-up.  Ask them about past experiences dealing with homes like yours, what the challenges were and whether or not it would be possible to speak to past customers.  If they get nervous or refuse, it should serve as a red flag to call a company who is willing to let you speak with others they've helped in similar situations.

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