If you're a homeowner in the Western NY area, at some point you will need to have your septic system pumped.  We know, we know… it's not the most glamourous of subject matters.  But if you want a system that's strong, functional and capable of performing day after day, it helps to know what to look for in a company specializing in pumping septic systems, correctly and affordably.

Regardless of how severe your situation is, here are things to consider when looking for someone to pump your septic system.

  • Work with an experienced septic system pumping company
  • Ask questions and get quotes in writing before work begins
  • Ask friends, family and neighbors for septic system references
  • Be sure the company you call is licensed and insured in Rochester
  • Choose a company who knows Rochester homes inside and out

Make Sure They Know the Area and Various Home Styles

There's no room for a learning curve when it's at the mercy of your home and check book.  One of the greatest perks of gaining any professional experience, is the familiarity that comes from knowing exactly what you're working on. This is equally true with septic systems.  Those who know the fine details of various Rochester home styles, will be able to work quicker and more efficiently than those entering one for the very first time.

H&S Septic Systems

Choose a Septic System Installer Who's Insured and Licensed

If you really want to know why it is so vitally important to work with a septic company who is licensed, bonded and insured, just ask someone who has done the exact opposite.  Though it's extremely rare, some septic jobs can go catastrophic fast.  If you're working with a company who is not covered for damages that occur while working on your property, guess who ends up getting stuck with the cleanup bill?

Questions on Rochester NY septic system pump services?  Need to speak with an expert about your ongoing septic problems?  H&S Septic Service has been in business for many years, serving the entire Wayne, Monroe and Ontario counties.  Call us at 585-732-0600 to schedule an appointment!