Like most small business owners, we enjoy 'talking shop' with our clients and customers.  One of the most common septic system-related questions we find ourselves answering is, how to prevent septic system problems during the winter months?  Actually, we're happy when we get this one, because it means that more people are thinking proactively when it comes to their system's performance. 

Unquestionably one of the most important things you can do, is have an annual septic system inspection.  We know that this may sound like overkill, but in comparison to what ultimately awaits those who opt to deal with problems as they happen, it can be far less expensive and considerably less stressful.  Plus, most people are surprised to hear how reasonable these inspections can be.

Septic Maintenance for Winter monthsWhen to Schedule Your Winter Septic Inspection

The only thing more important than actually scheduling a winter septic inspection, is the timing used to ensure an optimal and accurate evaluation.  Here in the Rochester NY area, we recommend having your septic system inspected no later than December 1st, or after the first hard freeze.  Here's why:  In order to determine how your system will perform over the long cold winter, a qualified inspector needs to gauge how it held up early in the season… after it's had the chance to freeze up and test its metal, so to speak.

Pipes expand and contract, connections tighten and loosen, and moving parts make subtle adjustments in response to the first extended freeze.  Scheduling an inspection too early doesn't allow your tech to see how it handles under extreme cold, while waiting too long is essentially inviting a major failure to occur.

Detect Potential Septic Problems Early

Once a skilled septic technician has had the opportunity to evaluate your system's true winter performance capabilities, they can then conduct an accurate and thorough inspection of your septic system.  In many cases it is very easy to identify and address normal wear & tear issues, before they have the chance to fail completely.  Common issues and maintenance parts can easily be replaced, inexpensively and on-the-spot, thus preventing far more expensive future repairs or complete system replacement.

At H&S Septic Services in Rochester NY, our flat rate winter septic system inspections have become increasingly popular among homeowners and businesses alike, as it serves as a highly reliable way to prevent future septic repairs, while improving the likelihood of a problem-free system all winter long.

If you're in the Rochester or Western NY area, and would like to learn more or schedule a winter septic system inspection, feel free to call H&S anytime at 585-732-060.  We genuinely believe in the usefulness and quality of this service, and stand behind all of our work 100%.