As one of the busiest septic repair companies in Rochester, this is a question we hear all of the time.  Many people, understandably, are still unsure which type of service company you're supposed to call when your septic system breaks or needs service.  After all, it's not something that you can fix on your own or really wait around on, and definitely not the sort of problem that will go away all by itself.

Regardless of whether you dealing with a system that's showing its age, or one that will no longer function, having the right person assess your situation is crucial.  In this article we'll explain why it's best to call a dedicated professional septic system company at the onset of problems.

Septic Repairs in Rochester NY

Septic System Repairs are Complicated

For many homeowners, the first reaction is to call a plumber.  And while this is logical, septic systems are highly complex and serve a very unique function.  Understanding that, it's important to call someone who knows exactly how to identify, diagnose and resolve the issues quickly and at a reasonable rate.  And while many plumbers have a respectable knowledge of these complex waste and drainage systems, many choose not to work on them.

No Room for Error

We have heard more than our share of septic system horror stories, from people who thought it would be a good idea to call someone who does part time repair on the sides.  Bad mistake.  If something goes wrong during the repair process, or if they're working on a system unfamiliar to them, you run the risk of a waiting much longer for a job to be completed.  In the meantime, this could mean having to put your family up in a hotel while they learn the ins and outs of your septic system.

Rochester NY Septic System Repair Experts

If you're dealing with a septic system that's been acting up, or would like a professional to give you and unbiased opinion on the condition of your current system, H&S Septic can take the guesswork out of calling for repairs.  If your system can be fixed, we'll let you know what's involved and how much it will cost up front.

We're a family owned and operated company who's been proudly serving the greater Rochester area and Western NY. For emergency septic system repair service, or to learn more about our company and what sets up apart, call H&S Septic in Rochester NY at 585-732-0600.