Having your septic system maintained on a regular basis, is one of the most important things you can do to ensure performance and reliability over the years.  At H&S Septic Services in Rochester NY, we remain 100% dedicated to proving you with unparalleled service backed by the most competitive rates in Western or upstate NY.

Based on our years of professional experience, we recommend that all homeowners in WNY have their septic systems inspected and serviced every other year for maximum performance, or least every two to three years to be on the side of caution.    

  • H&S septic truckPromotes more efficient septic tank performance
  • Vital in detecting & inhibiting potential future problems
  • An economical alternative to septic system replacement
  • Can play a role in the resale value of your home
  • All H&S Septic services performed by experienced experts
  • Affordable rates backed by exemplary professional service

Why Septic Pumping Maintenance is Crucial

One of the main reasons septic systems fail, is understandably because most people don’t know the warning signs.  This is why it is so important to have your system inspected and tested regularly.  By allowing a professional septic technician to take an in-depth look at the condition of your septic tank components, problems can be resolved, adjusted and corrected well in advance of becoming major catastrophes.

Septic Tank Cleaning Specials

A wide range of factors will play a role in deciding how frequently to pump your septic tank.  Some of the most relevant factors include: the total size and dimensions of your septic tank and leach field, average and peak water usage, and whether or not users are treating the system in a manned conducive to long-lasting performance.

Superior Septic Services, from H&S in Rochester

H&S Septic Services provides reasonably priced septic tank pump-outs for all types of systems.  Our honest and fair policy to our valued customers is what makes them repeatedly refer us to their friends and family.

We can locate your septic system if you don't know exactly where it is located, by using a locating device known as a probe as well as other tools.  We also offer a camera service to locate leach fields, with the added capability of diagnosing problems that you may be having.

Call H&S Septic Today for a Free Estimate

If you are experiencing problems and need reliable septic system repairs or maintenance, our vast experience, training and knowledge of septic systems allows us to diagnose your system quickly and thoroughly.  We will give you honest advice on how we can help you, and will always offer you the most cost effective service.

We also offer a neighborhood discount rate.  If three or more houses in your neighborhood schedule pump service on the same date and times, H&S Septic Services will give you all a discounted rate.



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