Septic inspections are an essential task for anyone selling or buying a home.  Overlooking this ultra-important step in the home buying/selling process, can be disastrous on both ends.  In the Rochester NY area as well as the surrounding counties, we at H&S Septic Service remain committed to providing septic system inspections that are thorough, precise and in writing.

Affordable & Reliable Septic Inspections

H&S Septic Services will provide a non-biased, comprehensive inspection of the septic system to verify that the system is functioning properly and adequately.  We have completed all of the necessary training (nationally and locally), are nationally certified by The Board of Health and are fully insured.  We are completely knowledgeable to inspect ALL types of septic systems.  We will also pump your tank at the time of the inspection.

real estate septic inspections

  • Efficient & affordable septic system inspections
  • We work with many of the area's top Realtors
  • All inspections and reports are confidential & guaranteed
  • Inspections for private sellers, buyers & local realtors
  • All inspections conducted by extensively-trained septic techs


Septic System Inspections for Home Buyers and Sellers

Are you selling or buying a home?  If the home has a septic system then a septic inspection will likely be required in order to sell the property.  The tank will also need to be pumped in order to properly inspect the system.  H&S can handle everything from the initial inspection, to any adjustments or service needed thereafter.

Septic System Inspections for Realtors

We're proud to work with some of the most respected realtors in the WNY area, and it speaks highly of their confidence in our abilities.  If you're a Realtor in need of one-time or ongoing septic services for your clients, we can perform expedited service to help you close sooner.

You will receive a detailed and thorough report after the inspection has been completed to give to both buyer and seller, as well as to both attorneys and realtors.  The owners of H&S have experience in both the home building and real estate business, and possess a thorough understanding of the importance of an honest, unbiased septic inspection.

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