Just thinking about septic system repairs is enough to give some people the chills. At H&S Septic Services in Rochester, we know you already have enough on your mind. The last thing you need is the fear of being overcharged, simply for calling to have your septic system fixed.

Reliable Septic Repairs for Rochester & Western NY

residential septic repairsOur customers be will the first to tell you that, aside from being among the most honest and responsive septic companies, we're also one of the most competitively-priced in our industry.

  • Full-service septic repairs throughout Rochester & WNY
  • Extensively-trained and experienced certified technicians
  • Rapid dispatch on all septic service repair calls
  • Affordable rates backed by exceptional service

In the event that you find yourself experiencing problems with your septic system, we encourage you to call H&S Septic Services in Rochester NY. If you have standing water in your yard or near your leach field, notice a smell or have any other concerns, please call us right away. Learn why so many homeowners continue to trust us to keep their systems running flawlessly. We've been located in the Rochester area since the day we opened for business, and are proud to serve the greater Western NY area.

Affordable Septic Service & Fast Response

One of the things we take pride in here at H&S Septic Services, is our consistent ability to offer the most competitive rates on nothing less than the highest caliber of professional septic services. We utilize the latest tools and technology to repair your septic system quickly, while ensuring a perfect fix the first time around.

Free Estimates

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We are nationally certified and are trained to handle your every type of septic issue. As the technology and techniques used to further advance septic service capabilities, we continue to educate, certify and re-certify our staff, in order to be as current and up-to-code as possible. All of our septic system installations meet the NYS Health & Safety requirements.

Full Service Septic Repairs

H&S can effectively repair septic systems, septic tanks, septic lids, leach fields, distribution boxes, and all aspects of your on site wastewater treatment system. We can snake or re-root your lines if there is a clog, and have your family back to life faster and for less than what some other septic repair companies charge.

Advanced Inspection Technology

Can't pinpoint the source of your septic woes? No worries. H&S Septic Services in Rochester utilizes leading-edge septic inspection technology, to identify trouble spots that frequently go missed. Using a special camera, we are able to peer deep within to quickly target stubborn septic challenges. It's just another way H&S Septic works hard to save you time, stress and money.

Call us today at Call 585-377-1700 for a free estimate on septic repairs, or for more information on diagnosing your septic problems.

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