The ability to connect your home to a public sewer system may be possible in certain areas, and in many cases, this can be advantageous to you as a homeowner or standalone business.  You will, however, need an experienced and highly-qualified sewer & septic expert to first make the proper assessment.

Expert Sewer Connection Service in Western NY

sewer connectionIf you're dealing with a deteriorating or failing septic system, and reside in area where public sewers are available, we can help you to decide if it is right for you to make the change. H&S Septic is one of the area's most experienced and skilled sewer service companies, and has worked with countless homeowners and businesses over the years.


  • Professional sewer connections in Rochester & WNY
  • Affordable rates on hook up, maintenance & modifications
  • Extensively-trained sewer technicians on all jobs
  • We provide honest and unbiased suggestions for your safety
  • We work with you from approval to septic tank fill-in
  • Clogged sewer lines? Call us we can help
  • Service restaurants, homes, businesses etc.
  • 24/7 Emergency Septic Services

Connect to Your Public Sewer Properly & Legally

H&S Septic Services provides the best service and knowledge to connect your home to a public sewer system.  We will work with your local township or municipality to make sure all permits are properly taken care of, allowing you to have the peace of mind you deserve.

We will establish the best path for the new sewer line, to ensure the most efficacious path from your home to the public sewer.  Then after obtaining any required town approvals, the installation is completed.  From there, he existing septic tank is filled in, disconnected, and will no longer be in operation.

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